The Contented Dementia Trust helps those who have already been diagnosed with some form of dementia, and their carers, for whom practical help and resources are more important than research into prevention and cure. To the many thousands of people diagnosed with dementia we offer a positive and realistic message of hope.

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It saved us – we were at breaking point with no hope and it changed our lives forever and I wish everyone knew about it.

When dementia is diagnosed, we see it as a disability which can be managed with remarkable success, rather than an ultimately hopeless medical condition.

We provide a range of courses, advice and information for families, friends and health & social care professionals.

Our training helps everyone:

  • families learn how to develop individualised care for their person
  • professionals learn to target their help more effectively

All our training starts with the SPECAL Photograph Album.  This offers a particular way of understanding:

  • how normal memory works
  • what happens to all of us as we age
  • the single dramatic change which is introduced by dementia.

Once this understanding is in place, it is easy to see why commonsense is useless in terms of managing dementia and why SPECAL sense is required to ensure the well-being of people with dementia.

Carers who use the SPECAL method find that a state of contentment for the person with dementia is not only possible but is sustainable lifelong.

All the difference! It made the experience of dementia a largely positive one rather than the usually held negative view

We invite you to join the rapidly expanding group of people – the SPECAL ‘family’ – who have already embraced the SPECAL method and experienced the difference that it can make 24 hours a day, every day, for life.

Their message is simple: ‘SPECAL works!’

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