The Old Hospital (Burford)

Our Centre of Excellence is based in the original Cottage Hospital in Burford (Oxfordshire) where work on the SPECAL method first began.

This is the main venue where we have been based for the past thirty years, delivering our range of Courses and Services to family and professional carers.

The Friday Group has been taking place on a weekly basis at the Old Hospital for the same period, providing  a working example of the SPECAL method in a communal setting and allows researchers and professional carers the opportunity to observe evidence-based practice.

To find out how to contact us and for travel directions to Burford please refer to our Contact details section, but please note that our Centre of Excellence has been carefully mothballed since the end of March 2020.  Our courses and services are being developed for online delivery during the current period of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 situation, and the re-opening of Burford is under constant review.