Family & Friends

Introducing an innovative, individualised, pro-active approach to dementia .

The SPECAL method offers a very different approach to the traditional support available where dementia is concerned and has a very different outcome.
Mainstream support considers dementia as a disease with no cure.

The Contented Dementia Trust sees dementia as a disability which can be managed in a way that can bring about immediate and sustainable improvements in the quality of life not only for the person with dementia, but for everyone involved with their care.

Our approach allows us to work positively with dementia, rather than trying to defeat or ignore it.

The SPECAL method empowers the family to lead the development of a fully individualised care-plan for their person with dementia, which can then be supported by professionals.

But it starts with the family.

We first ensure that everyone who comes into contact with the person with dementia shares the SPECAL Photograph Album understanding of dementia and the principles that underpin this.

Then, as soon as the key people are on board, the family can be guided to create an individualised care plan for their person with dementia, with the practical (and highly achievable) aim to promote life-long wellbeing not only for that person but for everyone else concerned with their care.

Our SPECAL Care Coaching Pathway consists of an introductory presentation in two parts, and follow-on workshops and is specially designed for the family and friends of a person living with dementia. It provides tailored support at every step on the journey.

Cost: £150 (covers Parts I and Part II)

Venue: This course will be delivered at our Centre of Excellence (Bruern, OX7 6QF)

To book your place on a course please contact